core values

Design matters. Our design philosophy is based on a holistic collaborative process that encourages input from our clients and team members. Using an integrated team approach reassures our clients that their input is valuable and enables us to ensure their needs are met. We provide exceptional service to a diverse range of clients and projects, employing active listening to fully understand the client's goals. Our organic approach eliminates rigid thought and action, allowing ideas to flow freely from the client to us and back.

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core values

Collaboration and communication are essential for project success. As challenges arise, immediate communication between the client and design team ensures a quick resolution. At Sillman Wright Architects, we manage the design process in a collaborative manner that keeps the entire team and client fully informed each step of the way.

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Sustainable Design is a core value for Sillman Wright Architects. We incorporate Sustainable thinking throughout the design and construction process with the goal of delivering a high performance building that creates a healthy environment to live, work and learn in. Working closely with the client and design team we develop a sustainable strategy that is economically viable and appropriate to the client and user. We select construction materials that offer the highest degree of sustainability by their superior recycling characteristics, reduced negative impact on the environment, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and reduced life cycle costs.

We partner with several organizations to elevate our level of sustainable design including the U.S. Green Building Council and the San Diego Regional Sustainability Partnership. Being ecologically sensitive and sustainable is important to us, which is why several of our architects are Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professionals (LEED AP).

LEED / Sustainable Projects

  • 6 LEED PLATINUM projects certified, in design or under construction
  • 7 LEED GOLD projects certified, in design or under construction
  • 6 LEED SILVER projects certified, in design or under construction
  • 1 LIVING BUILDING CHALLENGE project certified, in design or under construction
  • 3 NET ZERO projects certified, in design or under construction

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core values

For more than 30 years, Sillman Wright Architects have been using the Design-Build delivery system successfully completing over 65 projects for civic, military, education, healthcare, and housing. Our extensive collaborative Contractor experience is a direct benefit, because we understand how to work successfully with Contractors to deliver a project on-time and within budget. We are able to anticipate Contractor and Construction-related issues and address them before we get to the field to ensure that we stay on budget and on schedule without sacrificing Design Excellence. Design Excellence and Functional Clarity are critical to every project that Sillman Wright Architects are involved with, whether the delivery method is Design-Build, Design-Assist or Design-Bid-Build. We pioneered the Design-Build delivery method for the Los Angeles Community College District. The five projects were fast-tracked and completed on time and within budget. Since that time, Design-Build has become the primary delivery method used throughout the Los Angeles Community College District and many of the California Community Colleges. Critical to Sillman Wright Architects’ design process is transparent and clear communication which is the building block of trust and ultimately successful Client, Designer, Contractor team collaboration. We utilize the following project elements in our Design-Build projects:

  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Limited Change Orders for Owner Changes and Unforeseen Conditions
  • Design-Build Team Selection based on Best Value
  • Project Experienced Contractor
  • Contractor Involved in Design Phase
  • Cost Control and Value Engineering with Contractor during Design
  • Design Excellence with Owner Input
  • Collaborative Team Environment
  • Project Schedule Management
  • Enhanced Budget Management

Ultimately, our successful experience with many project delivery methods, specifically Design-Build, and our understanding of successful Contractor collaboration creates a buildable, low maintenance project that will maximize project value within the budget and schedule restraints without sacrificing Design Excellence.

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core values

Sillman Wright Architects' key to ensuring consistency and quality throughout the Design and Construction process includes the following:

Experienced Team – For the last 40 years we have completed hundreds of successful projects. This is not our first rodeo, we understand the Design-Build process inside and out and use our collective experience to avoid common pitfalls and maximize project value.

Clear & Responsive Communication – We provide Communication that is clear and timely to address issues before they become problems. We have a great working relationship with our Clients that benefits the project by reducing errors due to miscommunications.

Clear Project Goals – Our goal is to find a way to exceed our Client’s expectations but not the budget.

Open Collaboration – Every idea has value. We encourage input from everyone and provide an open and inclusive dialogue where every person feels comfortable in proposing ideas, solutions to challenges.

Dedicated Design Quality Control Manager – We have a dedicated Design Quality Control Manager to ensure that the project goals are being met in a cost effective and buildable way and can be delivered on-time.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) – We use BIM to build it before you build it. BIM helps to reduce systems conflicts, identifies project opportunities and helps our Clients visualize the project three dimensionally.

Our Design-Build Team utilizes the following Communication Tools for successful work coordination

  • Milestone Meetings – Meetings at major milestones throughout the Design Process to clearly present the project elements and most importantly get the Client’s input.
  • Regular Team Meetings – Weekly meetings are held throughout the Design Process, Comprehensive Meetings Minutes are kept and Team Members are held accountable to resolve issues in a timely fashion.
  • GoToMeetings – We use video tele-conferencing that can be set up in minutes, to bring together Team members and Clients in varied geographic locations and to maximize focused discussion on relevant issues.
  • Connectivity – Effective E-mail and phone communication are key to our communication process.
  • Online File Management – Dropbox Project folders are used to share information and large documents instantly with the Design-Build Team and the Client.

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core values

Located in San Diego, Sillman Wright Architects have been providing quality architectural services since 1976 that is directly responsive to our clients needs. Our designs are good looking, functional, low maintenance buildings that maximize project value and are delivered on-time and within budget.

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